Page of 89 Go. Clock Setup and Clear When the illuminance is insufficient, it is not possible to adjust it by «Brightness shortage». Инструкция по применению на русском языке, предложенная производителем, позволяет правильно использовать Вашу бытовую технику и электронику. Battery voltage adjustment [F2]: Set the camera in the camera Jig mode again to make further adjustments. Качество фотоснимков зависит не столько от фотокамеры, сколько от оптики объектива.

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Check the area of your repair for unsoldered or Caution: Check the entire For continued protection against board surface for solder splasher and bridges.

About the Adjustment PC Soft Attention at DSC jig driver Attention at PC adjustment soft If you want to focus on a subject that is not centered in the frame or change the picture composition after the exposure is set, you can obtain good results by changing the composition after the AF and AE settings are locked. Remove six screws M1. Detach the undermentioned parts.

Remove Wire Harness 2. There is no dread of the electric shock and do not touch the terminal when you remove Wire Harness Remove two screws M1. Remove фотопппарат screws M1. Be careful that the negativ side of the tantalum capacitors are susceptible to heat.

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Functions of Primary Blocks The 3, effective pixels, and [the Honeycomb Signal Processing System], allows recording фотоаппсрат reproduction of high-quality images of up to x 6, pixels.

Please do the expansion copy to the A3 size and use the Siemens Star Chart. This is a holder set for holding the conversion lens. For details, see the figure below. Please download them from the web server http: Environmental Settings for Adjustment 1.

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Remove the chart from the pattern box, and adjust the color temperature and luminance of the light source. Firmly attach the LB filter to the surface of фотоаппараат pattern box.


Environmental settings for AF adjustment 1. It illuminate on the siemens star chart by using the 2 light source. When the illuminance is insufficient, it is not possible to adjust it by «Brightness shortage». The download, decompression and installation procedure is recorded as follows. A basic program is FinePix SZoom exclusive use. Attention at Firmware The firmware is not needing downloaded as long as there is usually no instruction.

Customizing of Adjustment Software Customizing for the adjustment software is explained below.

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Stop General operation command ends the user program. Always ensure that the CCD serial number is read correctly. If the file name is read incorrectly, the defect data for the that file name ie defect data for another CCD will be used. Battery voltage adjustment [F2]: Mode dial voltage adjustment [F4]: Press the [Enter] key when it is possible to prepare. Battery voltage adjustment 2 Input 5.

The camera is not in the Jig mode following end setting. Set the camera in the camera Jig mode again to make further adjustments. Preparation for inspection External Inspection Procedure and Checks 1 Check the camera visually for damage to the exterior. Resolution Check Procedure and Checks 1 Prepare the resolution inspection chart.

Settings at Shipment Procedure and Checks 1 Mode dial: Auto photography 2 Check that the battery and memory card are not inserted. Closed 4 Battery cover: Description Common Ref No. When indicated parts by reference number,please include different form the parts list specified in the circuit or the the board name. List of Related Technical Updates Issued To ensure that after-sales srevice is performed accuratety, keep a record here of the technical updates issued that cover this device.

Page of 89 Go. Camera Features Page 7 — Functions of Primary Blocks Page 29 — Block Diagram Page 30 — Overall Page 31 — Board mounting diagram Page 32 — Page фотоаепарат — Page 34 — Page 35 — Page 36 — Page 37 — Page 38 — Page 39 — Adjustment Page пнструкция — Preparation for adjustments Page 41 — Connection Page 42 — Environmental Settings for Adjustm Page 43 — Environmental settings for AF adju Page 44 — Attention at PC adjustment soft Page 46 — Attention at Firmware Page 47 — Content of Adjustment Software Page 48 — Customizing of Adjustment Software Page 49 Page 50 — Use of each command Page 51 — Adjustment of Components for PC adj Page 52 — CAM Adjustment Page 57 руссокм Flash Adjustment Page 59 — Battery Adjustment Page 60 — Mode Dial Voltage Adjustment Page 61 — End Setting Page 62 — Inspection Page 63 — Connection Page 64 — Inspection Page 65 — Resolution Check Page 66 — Y Level Check Page 67 — Flash Photography Check Page 68 — Manual Focus Check Page 69 — Low Battery Check Page 70 — Settings at Shipment Page 72 — Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


FujiFilm Finepix Catalog 11 pages.

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